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Newsletter Software and Newsletter Services Guide


When it comes to newsletter software to help you create and publish your email newsletter, you may see there are so many options available that it's easy to get confused. So here's a guide for you to choose the best newsletter software for you...

Generally, there are 3 types of newsletter software you may want to use...

1. Newsletter Creation Software

It helps you create your own professional looking newsletter using any newsletter templates that you may have, or it may even come with several ready-made templates for you to use.

You can simply create your newsletter pages in it, give it a great professional design, edit the contents and change their text color and style, add images, and so on.

Depending on which newsletter format you are going to use, you may or may not need this software.

If you publish your newsletter in plain text, you don't need any software to create it because text is just so simple. But if you are going to create an HTML newsletter, then this software will come very helpful and time saving.

There are a few newsletter creation software solutions out there and most of them are quite expensive. But here's the good news...

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2. Newsletter Publishing Software

To send out your email to your list of hundreds or thousands of subscribers, you need a newsletter publishing software or service. Because you really don't want to do send your newsletter one by one a few thousands times, right?

Newsletter publishing software solutions really make your life easier and help you send your newsletter in thousands of copies to your readers in a click of a button.

Also you can customize each issue you send with the first name of your subscriber. Can you imagine how more popular your newsletter will be when each of your subscribers receive it in their own name?

So how do you know if you need an HTML newsletter publishing software?

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As we are saying, how do you know if you need a newsletter publishing software?

The answer is simple: If you have a newsletter, you need it.

Because no matter if you have only 10 subscribers now, you are going to get more readers, and then it is simply impossible to send your newsletter one by one.

Also seriously, isn't your time much more valuable than spending on a boring task of mailing out your newsletter one by one when you can save a lot of time automating it with your software?

So how can you find the best newsletter publishing software for you?

There are many various software and services available - each with various options and price differences.

After 5 years of being in the online newsletter publishing field and trying tens of these software programs, I finally found the best one last year that was clearly capturing the interest of many big newsletter publishers.

It is an online service called GetResponse.

GetResponse helps you publish and send your newsletter in just a click and it makes sure it gets delivered to your subscribers.

Also it protects you from being accused of spam, which may happen if you use other unreliable software.

So Discover more on how GetResponse can help you.

3. Newsletter Automation Software

It helps you automate some of your important newsletter tasks like...

  • Processing subscription requests automatically without you lifting a finger
  • Personalizing your newsletter with each of your subscribers names
  • Putting your newsletter on schedule to be automatically sent on a specific time and date, when you may be away (very helpful)
  • And much more

As a newsletter publisher, you know your time is too valuable to spend on routine chores like processing every new subscription request by hand.

You want to be spending your time on big tasks like promoting your newsletter and attracting more and more readers.

So it's highly recommended that you use a newsletter automation software.

GetResponse, as you discovered as a newsletter publishing service, also is an automation tool for your newsletter.

It's an all-in-one solution that I use personally to publish and automate many of my newsletters in various topics. Find out more about it and see how it helps you automate your newsletter and save time!



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