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Newsletter Layouts: 3 Ideas for Your Newsletter Layout


When you want to create a newsletter, newsletter layouts play an important part that you need to pay attention to. Because without an effective layout idea, your newsletter, email marketing, and autoresponder solutions won't work.

Your newsletter layout will have a big impact on how many people will excitedly read your every issue.

Because it's like reading a book. If the layout and design is good and makes it easy and pleasant to read for you, you will enjoy reading it much more.

So you will actually end up spending more time on it.

The same goes with newsletter layouts. If your newsletter design is reader-friendly and inviting, you will have much more loyal subscribers.

Tip #1: Make It "Reader Friendly"

I understand, you like to create a professional looking newsletter layout that impresses your readers. You may like to use professional, high-quality graphics to enhance its looks.

This is all good. Just whatever you do, keep in mind that your goal is making it more inviting to read.

Let's say it again: Your goal is to make your newsletter more inviting to read for your subscribers.

This is very important when you are looking for newsletter layout ideas.

Which part of your newsletter do you think your subscribers really care about? Your newsletter design... or the meaty content that you provide?

Of course it's the "content" they are really here for. After all, that is the only reason they joined your newsletter: to get information, right?

So why not make it easy for them to read and understand that information? This is all your newsletter layout should be about.

No distracting graphics. No large graphics that take a lifetime to load on slower connections. Just a professional yet simple layout that attracts your readers' attention to the actual text - the content of your newsletter.

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Tip #2: Use Great Ready Made Newsletter Templates

Why reinvent the wheel, while there are many other great ones out there ready for you to be used?

Why create a newsletter template from scratch when you can use one of the hundreds of professional newsletter templates for free and save yourself a lot of time?

You can find good free newsletter templates by searching in Google, or on this site that you are right now. You can use the templates there as a free newsletter layout for your ezine.

Even if you'd like to have your own unique newsletter design, you can still use these templates to get a lot of cool newsletter layout ideas.

Of course make sure the template you use is professional and reader-friendly, because your newsletter design can make or break your newsletter success.

After all, would YOU like to read a amateur-looking newsletter?

Even if you read it, how much will you trust what the person is saying?

That's why you might want to get a professional easy-to-use template instead of low-quality free ones out there.

So every time you send out your newsletter, you'll have the peace of mind that your design will attract your readers to read it - instead of turning them off or worst making them leave your list.

Here are some easy-to-use, professional newsletter templates that I personally recommend.

Tip #3: Choose the Right Newsletter Format

Actually before creating a layout for your newsletter, you need to choose a format for it first. You can choose between the most common formats: HTML, plain text, and PDF.

Here's a complete guide on each of these newsletter formats and the pros and cons of it.

To your newsletter creating success,

Ladan Lashkari

Discover more newsletter tools and software to create and design your newsletter easily.



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