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About Ladan LashkariLadan Lashkari
... and How She Can Help YOU

Ladan Lashkari is a respected Internet marketing expert with special expertise in creating newsletters and email marketing.

Her articles and step-by-step guides have been helping ordinary people start and grow their own successful online newsletters since 2002.

Her articles has been published in over 100,000 websites, newsletters, and offline magazines including The Web Magazine which is the most popular magazine about the Internet and E-Commerce.

She is also the author of How to Find Best-Selling Product Ideas that will help you find your own profit pulling product idea easily and fast.

"So How Can Ladan Help Me?"

If you need advice on how to...

  • Start your own successful newsletter that draws people to subscribe like a magnet...
  • Choose a catchy name for your newsletter that that draws people to subscribe and read your newsletter...
  • Write powerful newsletter articles that your subscribers will love and send to their friends...
  • Promote your newsletter effectively and bring many new subscribers to your newsletter every day...
  • and much more...

Then Ladan can help you!

You will learn about the "insider" techniques that few experts know and even fewer of them dare to share them with you. But Ladan will help you take advantage of these techniques to create a more successful newsletter.

Here are more things that she will help you about...

  • Choose the perfect format for YOUR newsletter topic, and create a professional layout for your newsletter.
  • Use proven anti-filtering techniques to avoid your newsletter emails from getting filtered or deleted by spam filters by mistake (neglect this important part and your newsletter that you have spent so much time to prepare may never get to your subscribers' hands.)
  • Get thousands of new subscribers to your list as fast as possible, so that you will soon have a huge newsletter list that you can send your newsletter to.
  • How to find hot topics to write your newsletter articles about, so that your subscribers will love you for covering a problem that they have been desperately looking for the solution almost forever.
  • Choose powerful email subject lines that will make them so curious that they open your email first as opposed to tens of other emails in their mailbox, so your each issue that you send is guaranteed to get READ!
  • Track how many of your subscribers open EACH email you send them and how many of them click on the link you give in that email, so you will know which of your emails have been more effective and successful, so you can learn from them ad create more and more successful emails.
  • Promote your newsletter in other popular websites for FREE to get a lot of new subscribers quickly and easily.
  • Create a powerful followup strategy to stay in touch with your customers and get them to buy from you over and over again... and even recommend you to their friends.
  • Save a lot of time by putting your newsletter completely on autopilot, which means you will have much more free time to do whatever your heart desires.
  • Plan a powerful email marketing strategy to stay in touch with your customers or prospects and offer your products to them in an on-going basis, giving you a lot of opportunities to sell to them.
  • Increase your profits by using the latest email marketing techniques and strategies to selling more of your own products to your list automatically.

Why Get Help from Ladan Over Other
Marketing Consultants?

There are many so-called marketing consultants out there that claim they are experts in ALL marketing fields - from newsletter publishing, to copywriting, and even search engine optimization.

They claim they will help you transform your business and bring you millions of dollars. But after getting your money, they will just give you some general and obvious advice that you already knew.

The reason is clear, they don't know anything more about marketing, because they try to be "Jack-of-all-trades"... and they end up being no expert in anything.

But Ladan is different.

She doesn't try to be everything to everyone. But she is highly specialized in creating newsletters and using the most powerful email marketing strategies.

During the past few years, she has published seven newsletters, including:

  • Proven Marketing Tips
  • Creative Email Marketing
  • Newsletter Marketing Tips
  • Creative Success Tips
  • and more...

This all gives her a lot of experience so that she knows exactly what works and what doesn't, so you can benefit from her experience and take the easy and quick way to get the same results.

How many of the newsletter publishing consultants that you know have such amount of experience and professional background in this field?

So when it comes to creating newsletters, Ladan is THE one to ask for advice.

So do you want to get help about creating your newsletter from a "general" so-called marketing consultant, or a REAL newsletter creating expert who has a long background in this field?

What Would This Mean To You?

What would it mean to you to create your own highly successful newsletter, or make your current newsletter more powerful?

What would it mean to you if you could triple the number of new subscribers that join your newsletter every day?

What would it mean to you to make several thousands of dollars every month in addition to what you're already earning... so that you have more free time to spend with your family and enjoy your success and your life?

You WANT this to happen to you as soon as possible, right?

You want these results sooner rather than later, right?

So you want to let Ladan help you create and improve your newsletter. Because remember...

"If you continue doing what you were always doing, you will only succeed to get what you were always getting."

Is that enough?

OK, I Want to Contact Ladan!
Please Tell Me How to Reach Her

Since Ladan mostly works on her business and accepts only a few elite clients every month, you should contact her as soon as you can because is going by fast and her schedule may fill up for and even for the month after.

So even if you wait for one day longer, she may be booked for the entire and also next month, and you'll have to wait until then to improve your newsletter. So the best way is to contact her today.

So contact Ladan by email and tell her what you want and then you can discuss how she can help you start or grow your newsletter, and create a more effective email marketing strategy.

You can also call her at 1-718-619-8144 to talk to her by phone.

You'll receive top-rated advice suitable and effective for your business, your product, and your customers.

To your success,

Parisa Faridpur
Sales Pulling Marketing Team

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