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How to Write a Newsletter


How to write a newsletter is a very important question you may be asking when you're first starting your newsletter. Because writing a newsletter may be something you are doing for the first time.

So here's an easy guide for you on how to write your newsletter easily for amazing results...

Step 1: Choose the Right Topic for Your Newsletter

Your newsletter topic plays an important part on how easily you can write your newsletter. Because if it is a topic you are familiar with, enjoy writing about, and have a good knowledge, writing your newsletter will come easy for you.

On the other hand, if one of the above doesn't apply to the topic you choose, writing your newsletter will become more difficult.

Read this easy free guide on how to choose topic and create your newsletter.

Step 2: Collect a List of Ideas

When you are first starting to write, it will help you a lot to kick start your creative mind when you have a list of ideas to write about in front of you.

Discover some easy ideas for your newsletter in this helpful article.

Step 3: Start Your Writing - Do Not Edit Yet

This is the main step. Simply start writing based on what comes to your mind and let the flow going. Do not edit in this step because it will kill your creative juices that are flowing now.

Just write based on what you know and in any order that comes natural to you. It's even OK to make misspellings. Again, don't be tempted to edit. Just keep writing.

Step 4: Edit Your Draft Newsletter

Now you can go back and edit your writings. Correct misspelling, arrange paragraphs, and any editing you think is needed.

Step 5: Use Guest Articles for Instant, Easy Content

If for any reason you are still stuck and can't write your newsletter in any way, don't worry. You can still publish your newsletter in time by simply using free guest articles available on the Internet.

Guest articles are articles that other experts have written and have offered you permission to publish them in your newsletter for free.

You can find hundreds of thousands of articles in many good resources like EzineArticles and GoArticles.

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Step 6: Start Promoting Your Newsletter

Now that everything is ready, it's time to let the world know about your newsletter! Here are some ideas...

  • Submit your ezine to ezine directories
  • Submit your articles to article directories and promote your ezine in your resource box
  • Put a signup form on every page of your site
  • Write a short copy about your newsletter and link to your signup page in your email signature
  • Use a popup window on your home page
  • In each issue, ask your readers to send your newsletter to their friends
  • Link to your newsletter signup page in your sigfile in forums
  • Buy an ad space in a related (but not competing) newsletter
  • Write a free informative ebook and promote your newsletter in it

Step 7: Send out Your First Issue

Congratulations! After all the work, it's time for you to finally start publishing your newsletter.

But wait... There are some important things to check before sending your message to your list...

  • Check your message for spelling and grammatical mistakes, because nothing ruins your credibility more than a message full of spelling errors.

  • Create a test email address in major free email providers like Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and so on. Then send your every issue as a test message to those addresses to make sure it looks the way it should. Nothing is worst than sending a message to your entire list to find out later there was a error in showing the message and some of your readers couldn't see it correctly. What will your readers think of you?

  • Spam check your message to make sure spam filters will not eat it. You might have used some certain words and phrases that makes spam filters think your legitimate newsletter is spam. So make sure you use this free spam check tool for every message you want to send out to your list.

Step 8: Survey Your Subscribers

No one can tell you how to improve your newsletter better than your own subscribers. And the good news is that they are willing to help you for free! You just need to ask them some questions and they will answer.

Very simple... yet very powerful. I always wonder why many people overlook this technique. They will give you creative ideas that make you ask yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Wish you the best of luck on writing your newsletter!



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