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How to Sell Your Product with Your Newsletter

How would you like to use the leverage your newsletter gives you to sell your products and increase your profits automatically?

Because when you publish a newsletter, you build trust and credibility with your target market. They look at you as a trusted expert in your field.

So if you simply tell them about your products - preferably indirectly and not hard-selling - your subscribers will be happy to check it out and very possibly buy from you.

Many successful companies use newsletters as one of their most effective marketing methods to first build trust and then sell their products.

Here are some helpful ideas on how to sell your product using your newsletter...

Idea #1: Promote Your Product at the Bottom on Your Every Newsletter

When you publish a new issue, simply include a few lines at the end of it telling them about the benefits of your product. It is just like an advertisement, but for your own product.

So when they get exposure to your product benefits several times, they will get curious to try it. And that is enough to make a sale and bring you profits.

Idea #2: Promote Your Product in a Separate Email

Now that you have the name and email address of all your subscribers, you can also send them a new email other than your regular newsletter and tell them about your products.

This can be even more effective than the above technique (bottom ad), because you send an entire email dedicated to marketing your product, not just a small ad at the bottom which many of them won't even see.

This new technique of promoting your products with a stand-alone email is called email marketing.

You can find out more about insider secrets to selling your product using email marketing in this helpful guide.

Ideas #3: Give them a Free Gift and Promote Inside It

You can also use this new method of leverage to make even more sales...

Simply write a short but helpful special report about the topic of your newsletter and include tips and information you haven't ever revealed in your newsletter.

Then offer it to your opt-in subscribers list as a free gift, to thank them for being a loyal subscriber.

Of course you have introduced and promoted your product inside this report. So not only you have made your subscribers happy and more loyal, but you make lots of profits by selling your product through it.

But How Can I Accept Online Orders and Sales?

Great question!

When you want to sell your product online, you need to use an online way to accept credit card payments from people. Because they are not there to hand out their physical credit card.

So how can you accept credit card orders online?

It's easy: Simply use a credit card processing service.

These services help you accept credit card payments on your website so you can sell your products easily and fast.

Whether you have your own merchant account or want to a third-party solution, you can find the perfect solution for you among various companies available.

If you are on a small budget, you can also find free credit card processing solutions so you save time and still get amazing benefits to sell your products online.

Wish you much success!


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