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List Marketing - 6 Ways To Make Your Subscribers More Responsive


Today I want to ask you a question. "How responsive is your email list?"

By that I mean, how many subscribers on your list respond when you end then a message asking them to DO something? For example, you may ask then to visit webpage with an article on it, or go to a blog post and leave a comment or purchase an affiliate product or one of your products. When you ask for action, how many respond?

If you haven't figured it out yet, having a RESPONSIVE list is the most important factor for successful list marketing. It is even more important than how many people are on your list. After all, who cares is you have a 10,000 person list, if no one does what you recommend?

Obviously, the content you provide in your email messages and Autoresponder messages is what determines if the reader opens, reads and responds to your message. And only by building a relationship with your list and consistently providing information that is on-topic, useful and actionable, will you create a list that responds.

So let's look at 6 ways to make your list more responsive, your business stronger and your bank account bigger...

Write From A Position Of Authority

Remember, people joined your list because they made the transition from someone looking for information to someone "asking" for information. And they are asking YOU! So your email messages need to reflect your expertise in your particular field.

Write As If Your Helping A Friend

You correspondence with your list should be professional, but it should not be stuffy and corporate. It should read like a letter to a friend, not an advertisement or university thesis. Make the message easy to read... or your subscribers won't read it. Simple as that.

Don't Try To Sell Something Every Time Out

Remember, you are trying to help your subscribers with a problem. And yes, sometimes that means recommending a product or service that ends up putting money in your pocket (affiliate commissions or your product sales). But there are also a lot of ways to help them without trying to sell them something. I recommend finding the BEST solution to the problem, and then sending messages that exemplify WHY you believe it is the best solution. This way, you provide value without beating them over the head with a sales message.

Make Sure To Get On A Schedule

You need to establish a relationship with your subscriber. And you can't do that if you only send out one email every 3 months. The trick is to figure out how often you can send a message that the subscriber actually wants to read. If you are providing valuable content, your subscribers should be WAITING for your emails. But don't overdo it! No matter how popular you think you are, they probably don't want to hear from you 10 times a day. Use your judgment and come up with a delivery schedule that is comfortable for both you and your list.

Do A Final Check Before Sending Out The Email

Before you hit the send button or add an email to your Autoresponder, read the message over and ask yourself if YOU would like to receive this email message. Think like a subscriber, and ask yourself if you would take time out of your busy day to read this message. Does it have something of value that makes it worth the time to read and act upon? If not, don't send it!

Remember Your "List" Is Made Up Of People

As a marketer, we use words like list, subscriber, prospect, etc. But don't lose site of the fact that there are REAL people on your list. They are not just some numbers in an Autoresponder service, but real people. So, be a friend, be respectful and treat them as you would like to be treated.

I have no doubt that is you do these 6 things, your list will be more responsive, your business will grow and your bank account will fill up.

Don't you think so?

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