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How to Sell a Paid Newsletter to Make More Money


So you spend quality time on creating valuable, helpful content for your newsletter and you have loyal, happy subscribers. Then how about selling the subscription to your newsletter - instead of giving it away for free?

After all, your content is very helpful and many people will be willing to pay you monthly to get access to it.

This also will be a great easy way for you to make profits from the efforts you put into creating your newsletter.

How Much Profits Can You Expect to Make?

Paid newsletter subscription are very common and some of them even have tens of thousands of paying subscribers who are automatically billed for the subscription fee every single month.

You can sell your monthly newsletter subscription from $9.95 a month to as high as $97 a month - just as many specialized newsletters are sold.

So for example if you sell it at $27 a month (which is a very affordable and good rate), and when you have 100 subscribers (very easy to get), you are easily making $2,700 a month - totally on autopilot.

The beauty of this method is you easily keep receiving profits month after month - even without making one single new sale, because your last month subscribers are automatically billed every month.

How to Receive Your Subscription Sales Profits?

When you want to sell your newsletter subscription online, you need to use an online way to accept credit card payments from people. Because they are not there to hand out their physical credit card.

So how can you accept credit card orders online?

It's easy: Simply use a credit card processing service.

These services help you accept credit card payments on your website so you can sell your newsletter easily and fast.

Also these services offer automated recurring billing which means your subscribers will be automatically billed for the monthly subscription price you choose, so they won't have to re-order every month.

This is very powerful because otherwise they would get tired of manually doing it every month and so would cancel.

Whether you have your own merchant account or want to a third-party solution, you can find the perfect solution for you among various companies available.

If you are on a small budget, you can also find free credit card processing solutions so you save time and still get amazing benefits to sell your newsletter online.

Wish you much success!


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