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4 Ways to Build Your Ezine List Without Spending a Dime


There are thousands of ways to build your ezine, subscriber, mailing list, etc. . .some expensive and many not.

Today I want to cover the Top 4 ways I built my list. Each of the following items can be done without spending a dime. Creativity is one of the strongest tools in the entrepreneur's toolbox.

1. Public Speaking

Public speaking is the quickest and easiest way for you to quickly build a list of raving fans. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce or BNI chapter (or any other organization which makes sense for your industry) and offer to give a 30 minute talk on your industry.

This is NOT a sales pitch! It's an educational talk -- your only goal is to educate.

During your speech, hold a drawing for a f'ree gift (local restaurant gift certificate, an hour of your time, etc.) and collect names for your list (just remember to tell them that "everyone wins" a subscription to your newsletter).

2. Teleseminars

If public speaking is #1, teleseminars are a very close #2 and you can do them without spending a dime, or you can spend less than $50/month for recording and autoresponder services.

If you're not comfortable speaking in public, teleseminars are a great way to get started! You can learn more about how to host your own teleseminar here.

3. Giveaway

If you haven't yet created a f'ree giveaway to encourage people to sign up and be on your list, GET IT DONE!

There are many different ways to do this: write a report in Word and convert it to pdf, record an audio (either single or multi-step), write an e-course and have your autoresponder send it out over a few days, send out a CD, provide a sample recipe, have a downloadable checklist or template. . .the list is endless.

Remember. . .you don't HAVE to have a website to have a giveaway -- people can sign up via autoresponder.

4. Article Marketing

Don't gloss over this one thinking "I know, I know". If you have not yet started writing and marketing articles, it's time to start.

Article marketing is the way to CONSISTENTLY and AUTOMATICALLY build your list! It's not an overnight success like public speaking or well-promoted teleseminars. . .it is, however the strategy that keeps working for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- think of it as the Energizer Bunny of your marketing strategies.

My favorite site is Ezine Articles so get started there and add more as you become more comfortable.

You want to do a few things consistently rather than several "once in a while" -- select those few and get going!

Your Next Step

The key to building your list is implementation! Pick one of the above 4 strategies and take action on it within the next 3 days (consider this a 72-hour countdown).

It doesn't matter which of the above, any one of them can be scheduled, promotion started or created and fully implemented within the next 3 days.

I know you can do it!


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