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5 Brutally Effective Ways That You Can Create Kick Butt Exposure For Your Ezine


Let me ask you a very important question. Are you getting the results that you deserve from your ezine. Unless you are getting massive exposure it is very unlikely that you will actually make money.

Actually I think that getting the exposure that you need from your ezine is more difficult than publishing it. This is because it takes a lot of time and work to get the exposure for it to be successful.

In this article I would like to go over some kick butt ways that you can get the exposure that your ezine deserves.

1) Article marketing

The first method is so simple even a child can do it. Write articles and submit them to the major article directories. Include a link to your squeeze page in the resource box and offer a free ebook in exchange for an email address.

2) Submit to ezine directories

Secondly, submit your ezine to all the popular ezine directories. When people are looking for information they will go to a specific category and subscribe to the ezine that gets their attention. I have received a large number of leads doing this.

3) Advertise in ezines

Thirdly, advertise your newsletter in other targeted ezines related to yours. If you are not sure where to advertise I suggest that you use the Directory Of Ezines as they have a comprehensive list with contact information.

4) Advertise using ppc

Do some keyword research using powerful tools like Wordtracker. Use ppc search engines like Google Adwords and offer a free report for download using a squeeze page.

5) Use coregistration services

There are many different services that offer coregistration services of varying quality. The way that this works is that these companies have a form on their website where they generate leads for people who are interested in business opportunities. They then sell these leads. 


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