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Newsletter Publishing - Five Different Ways to Make Money with Your Newsletter (Ezine)


Publishing an ezine is one of the easiest ways to get publicity and a great deal of deals. If you see that things are not moving in the right direction after about 5-6 months, it is time you took a look at your ezine and fine tune it to bring in more money.

Tips for Turning up the Returns

The adage "There are no free lunches" hold very true. Indeed, there is no gain without pain and therefore, if you want some great returns you need to be ready to put in some great efforts as well. Check out some ideas:

1. Self promotion is important - you want people to come to you, they should know how good you are. They need to know that you are the best and why. There is no one who could tell that better than you and your other customers. Ensure you have sufficient matter that says so on your ezine. Allot about one fifth space of your ezine to announce things that you are proud of about your product, website and service. People would soon want to be part of the ezine because they would value you more.

2. Offer freebies - this is an old tick but exceptionally effective nonetheless. Everybody loves something free. Take it as an investment you would do with an ad and use that money to get something of value that you would offer your opt-in members. Do not cheat at the value as you would not go too far with that kind of attitude. Offer high-value and the word will get out.

3. Offer what they want - you will often find that your customers want certain complementary products, services, items. Research and offer relevant information with links if possible to the best sites that offer it. Your effort in keeping your customers satisfied would not go unnoticed. Besides, that would draw in people by the hordes.

4. Offer coaching, e-courses, information - people should come to identify you with a place where they get value. Offering coaching in certain aspects related to your product is a great way to do this.

5. Sell ad space - this is a simple method of "slow and steady wins the race". You would not get wealthy with this method but you would definitely attract a steady trickle of income which will improve with the popularity of your ezine.

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