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3 Keys to Getting Your Email Opened Every Time


our body copy can be the most compelling, beneficial, and engaging copy ever written but if the subject line doesn't compel people to open it, they'll miss out on your copy and you'll miss out on a sale. Read on to learn how to motivate people to open your email right away but writing a compelling subject line.

The dreaded subject line. If you're using email marketing as part of your marketing campaign, as you should, you're likely struggling with how to create a subject line that virtually guarantees that your email will be opened. It is a well known fact that a main percentage of emails are automatically deleted before they are even opened.

Here are three keys to subject lines that will unleash your marketing prowess.


How many times do you archive an email or stash it in a folder with the intention of reading it later? It's likely that those email subject lines were missing this key ingredient - a sense of urgency. When you add a time element, it doesn't have to be an "Open this email now or lose out" kind of subject line, it can be much less forceful and still be effective.

For example: "10 Tips to Save Money on College this year." A subject line with a time element will not only stay out of the archives, it will be opened and read immediately.


Make your subject line offer a benefit to your reader. If there's no apparent benefit to reading the email, then it simply won't get read. That's why subject lines often have lists or tips because the information offers a benefit, it is useful. Of course you have to follow through and make sure that the content provides the information that the subject line promises.


Try unleashing your creative side here. Look to say something that hasn't been said before. The trick of course is to still offer a sense of urgency and to offer useful information. Tap into what your market is looking for and then brainstorm on how to offer it to them in a creative way. There are superb resources available for helping you tap into your market creatively and to sell to them without feeling like you're 'selling.'

Of course with any subject line it is recommended that you test. Divide your email list into two groups and send one group one subject line and the second group a different subject line. Depending on your market, different types of subject lines will work better. Make sure that your test groups receive their emails at the same time on the same day so that you eliminate all other variables except the subject line.

By incorporating these 3 tips, you are sure to increase your email opens, clicks and conversions to sales.

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