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Newsletter Publishing - How To Get New Subscribers Every Day Like Crazy


When you publish your own ezine, one of the most important things you can do is to get subscribers for it. If there are no subscribers, no one is going to read your ezine. So here's how you can get new subscribers every day like crazy:

1. Market Your Articles

Article marketing is one of the strategies I use to generate leads to my newsletter on a daily basis. It's truly effective because your reader is pre-sold after he reads your article. If he likes the content of your article and feels that you have helped him in some way, he will want to get more information from you. And that information can be in you ezine.

2. Post On Message Boards

Go to message boards that relate to your niche market and start posting on them on a regular basis, even daily if possible. Build a reputation as an information giver and a quality poster on the message boards. This will get more traffic and sign ups for your ezine.

3. Submit Your Ezine To Ezine Directories

There are many ezine directories on the web. The most popular is the Directory Of Ezines that is operated by Charlie Page. You can submit your ezine there to get massive exposure. If you want to submit to more ezine directories, just do a search for the phrase on Google and you will be able to find some directories which you can submit your ezine to. The more directories you submit to, the more residual traffic you will get.

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