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How To Generate Email Profits


Many new online business owners seem to do everything right except close the sale. The have a great squeeze page. They do the work necessary to bring visitors to their squeeze page. And they convert people onto their list with a great free offer.

But, if you ask how they are doing, they'll tell you that they are not making any money. Because members of your list tend to like you and your style, one of the easiest ways to make money online generate email profits..

With a good list, you can expect to earn about $1 dollar for each subscriber every month. If you are making substantially less than that, chances are you need some help in developing your email campaigns. One of the most difficult techniques to master is developing good sales copy.

You can pay a professional to do the job, but that can be quite expensive. If your list is not buying, try some of the tips below to boost sales and improve conversions..

Keep is short. A long drawn out affair may be suitable for a sales page for a $197 dollar ebook, but no one wants to read a seven page email. Many emails are read while people are at work and they just can't commit that kind of time.

Don't focus on the features of your product, focus on how your product will benefit the reader. Explain what it will do for them, how it will improve their life, or save them time. Show them how much better their life will be by using your product.

Use bullets to keep your prospect focused. Don't use fancy graphics that can distract them, you want their undivided attention on your product.

Make sure your email is no more than 60 characters wide. Write it using a word processor that allows you to set the maximum width. Using too many characters can result in odd formatting in some email programs.

Do not include links to other sites of advertising in your email. Again, you don't want to distract your prospect or give him a reason to click away from your page.

Throughout your email, provide several links where they can click to make a purchase (or visit your sales page).

Be direct; don't be wishy-washy (is that a word?) or beat around the bush. Tell them; "Click Here To Buy!"

And last but not least; practice, practice, practice. With each attempt, your copy will get better and your conversions will improve. Use the tactics above and you can generate email profits that you've only dreamed of.


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