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Free Autoresponders - Where to Find Professional Autoresponders for Free

More and more paid email marketing solutions becomes available every day, but where can you find free autoresponders for your newsletter? Here are 2 ways you can use them for free...

#1. Use a Free Autoresponder Service

There are some free autoresponder services you can use for your newsletter. FreeAutoBot and Unlimited FollowUp Mate are two of the best free solutions.

But they are not really free because they include a text or banner ad at the end of every message you send. This means they send advertising to your subscribers and customers.

What's more, just like using a free domain name provider, using free autoresponders hurts your credibility because your customers will know you're using a free service from the ads at the bottom of your messages.

So they lose their trust and become hesitant to buy from you. The sales you lose will cost you much more than buying a paid autoresponder.

There's another down side to using free autoresponders. These companies don't usually have a good relationship with ISPs, so chances are your email messages will be filtered with spam filters and your subscribers will never see them.

#2. Use a Web Hosting Service that Offers Complete Autoresponder Solutions

You have your own website, right? So you use a web hosting service and pay monthly fees for their hosting services. Now what if you found a reliable, affordable web hosting solution that also provides complete autoresponder features at no additional cost?

I'm not talking about those very limited autoresponder features some web hosting companies offer. I'm talking about complete, all-in-one autoresponder and follow up solutions.

So all your email messages will go without any advertising text or banner ads. You'll look more professional and win your subscribers' trust... which will result in making more sales. What's more, you'll save at least $15 per month you had to pay on buying a stand-alone autoresponder service.

ThirdSphere is the only web hosting solution that not only provides a reliable website hosting service, but it also offers many advanced additional features - including unlimited autoresponders. Some of its other powerful FREE features are...

  • Built-in advanced web design tools
  • Snap-in script center
  • Automation station
  • eBook creating center
  • Web traffic center
  • and more...

I honestly believe ThirdSphere is the best web hosting solution available. But don't take my word for it. Visit their website to see it for yourself.

Wish you happiness, health and wealth!

Ladan Lashkari

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