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Successful Newsletter Secrets - Tips For Making People Excited to Receive Your Ezine

Starting an ezine is a fairly simple process. Having a successful ezine and a steady subscriber list, however, is much more difficult. Subscribers are fickle, and they have no problem taking their name off the list of something useless that fills their inbox. If you want to have a successful ezine, try some of the following tips for making people excited to receive your ezine.

1. Get the picture? Add a few small graphics to help break up the text. Keep them simple. Too many images will scare away readers, while high resolution images clog inboxes and take forever to open. Remember that graphics can include the borders around columns and the author's mug shot.

You don't have to pour over clipart to find topic-related images, and they can be the same images in every issue. Graphics, and even white space, help break up the text and make it easier to read. If your readers think your ezine is too long and wordy, they won't bother.

2. Don't go overboard with advertisements. Granted, you have an ezine so you can market your products, or sell advertising, but your readers subscribed for content.

Just as newspapers and magazines are careful to position ads so they are seen but unobtrusive, you need to be aware of readability when you position your ads. If subscribers feel like your ezine is nothing more than an advertising sheet, they will quickly become unsubscribers.

3. Content, content, content. Give your ezine readers something to read. Provide interesting, informative articles that make them excited and make them look forward to seeing your ezine in their inbox.

If you have a gardening ezine, for example, tell your readers how to create raised flowerbeds, raise potatoes in tire stacks, and fertilize with eggshells and fruit peels. Give them advice on planting times, dealing with insects, and selecting greenhouse flowers. Offer your readers information that they want, they need, or they need and don't know it yet.

4. Get readers involved. Social media has become popular because it allows users to interact with each other, creating an environment where everyone's opinion counts. The same feelings that promote social media will work with your ezine.

Make readers excited by offering them the chance to provide feedback on articles. One popular ezine posts a reader question in each issue, and then lets readers post their answers to the question. The top rated answer gets a mention in the next issue as an introduction to that section.

5. Incentives are a good thing. Make readers excited to receive your ezine by offering them an incentive to get excited. Offer prizes to subscribers each month. One creative marketing method is to offer a free copy of your latest eBook, for example, as the monthly prize.

Readers can click a link to find out how to enter the drawing, as well as to learn more about the phenomenal book. Not only do readers look forward to the prizes, you will end up making sales to some of the people reading the description.

Ezines are a great tool for any business. They're cheap, easy and quick, and you don't have to worry about spam complaints for your marketing efforts. Using a few simple tips for making people excited to receive your ezine, though, will help ensure your success beyond the first issue.


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