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E-mail Marketing Explained - For Beginners in Online Marketing


Probably one of the biggest obstacles that any newcomer has to face in online marketing is how to get the public to notice what you are trying to promote. For those who are not experienced in any public relations function, this could very well be the phase where you begin to let go of the dream of becoming an online marketer.

Well, the concept of marketing isn't all about having much money to burn-because there are so many other ways to unveil your product.

Marketing by e-mail is one quick (not to mention basic and cheap) method that would launch your online business on the web. E-mail marketing would easily open doors to hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers on the Internet. There are three sub-categories to e-mail marketing:

There are many people on the Net who are subscribed to newsletters. Take that as a signal that your online business can also do newsletter advertising. Newsletters can suit the needs and even interests of any individual. This means, there is a specific newsletter for educators, businessmen, medical practitioners, housewives, etc.

Newsletter, when used in marketing, is an amazing method to present sales pitches in a subtle way. Just remember to keep the information concise and visually stimulating. Visual stimulation can be achieved by having a useful layout that would immediately catch any spectator's attention.

The most read type of e-mail marketing is newsletter adverts. People do not often want the other types of e-mail marketing methods because they just become great message inbox bulks. Newsletters can be presented like it's not an ad-just make sure that it is highly informative and do not forget to highlight the benefits that they would get from the product and voila, everything is in the bag. There is a great chance that if newsletters are created in a convincing tone that those recipients would become buyers.

The second method of e-mail marketing is bulk e-mail advertising. This is one of the most deleted types of advertising on the Internet. Of course, its main advantage is that it's highly affordable (read cheap!) and it can reach thousands upon thousands of potential customers with just one send out. What people hate about them is that, they look like legit e-mails and when they open them, more often than not, they'd think they have been spammed.

Most recipients of bulk e-mail ads would not even read what is being offered to them. They would immediately click on the delete button and there goes your e-mail! But, still, don't hesitate to send out bulk e-mails. Think of it as sales being a numbers game-you can only close more sales when you do numerous presentations.

A good way to 'not scare' would-be-customers is to present information rather than hyped advertising. Bulk e-mails have the potential to ruin your reputation if you are not careful enough in presenting your product advantages. Use much caution when dealing with this form of e-mail marketing.

The last method of e-mail marketing is the Opt-in e-mail advertising. This is highly comparable to bulk e-mails except that the e-mail list of customers has been carefully prepared and considered before any type of e-mail is sent out. Bulk e-mails are just sent to fill in the required number of messages that has to be sent out, say, weekly. With opt-in e-mails, the people that are included on the list were carefully picked (meaning, much time has been spent just to come up with the e-mail address directory) before being sent out a message.

There are many online businesses who utilize opt-in e-mail marketing. Most of them use it to mail out updates, announcements, specials, or discounts. And the great thing about opt-in marketing is that it's also cheap.

What opt-in e-mail marketing does is to create a client base that is solid which you could actually use over and over. The great thing about it is that these clients could easily give referrals once they have opted-in themselves (this is more like a word-of-mouth ad). Opt-in e-mail marketing is a very important tool in marketing for most online businesses if it is used in the correct manner.

There you have it, the three strategies that you could choose from in doing e-mail marketing. Take your pick and happy marketing!

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