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Six Steps to a Better E-Zine


An e-zine (aka newsletter) can keep you in front of your prospects, help you market to a pre-screened list of people, and promote your credibility--all the things a paper newsletter does. But with an e-zine, you can do it more frequently and at less cost. But not all e-zines are created equal. Here are six ways to make yours pay off.

Discuss relevant issues. The web demands current content. Your readers want to know what's happening in your industry now, not what happened this week or this month. If you're not offering a current perspective on your industry, they'll look elsewhere.

Don't be a spammer. Only send your e-zine to those who actively opt in. You don't want a distribution list full of people who didn't know they signed up for your publication. When you start sending it to them, they could think it's spam--and your reputation could suffer. Make your subscription list opt-in, and you'll have a smaller group of readers--but they'll all be interested in your business and expecting your publication.

Show up frequently and regularly. E-zines should generally be sent out more frequently than paper subscriptions. Some businesses send daily, while others send weekly. No matter your schedule, your e-zine should be delivered on a regular schedule. If you're not regular, your prospects won't get into a habit of reading your e-zine.

Offer good content. A well-written article makes a big difference. Keep your tone accessible and informative. Stay away from thick techno-speak, unless you're writing exclusively for an expert audience. Make sure there are no grammar and spelling errors--they reflect badly on you. If writing isn't your strong point, hire a professional. Your e-zine makes an impression on your customers every day--so make sure your content is good.

Keep it short and scannable. Your readers may only have a few minutes each day to read your e-zine. Make sure it's concise and easy to scan, with short paragraphs, bulleted lists, and bold sub-headings. This way, your readers can get the gist of your message in minutes. With long articles and dense blocks of text, they're more likely to lose patience.

Sell at the end. Your e-zine should not simply be a marketing vehicle. If it does, don't expect to keep subscribers. You must offer information of value first. Once you do that, you've earned the ability to include a brief marketing message.

Don't overdo the sales tone, however; instead, simply offer something of further value, such as a free gift or a discount on your services to all subscribers. This will ensure you get a spike in business every time you send out an e-zine.

E-zines are powerful marketing tools that allow you to collect pre-screened emails and keep in touch with prospects. Keep it relevant to your customers' needs, and you're sure to succeed with yours.

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