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B2C Email Marketing

Having a customer follow up system is the most powerful B2C email marketing strategy.

You can sell to your past customers much more easily than gaining new customers, because people who have already bought something from you, trust you and are more willing to do business with you again.

The fastest and more affordable way to follow up with your customers is email marketing. The cost of sending thousands of email messages to your customers is almost zero, so the money you make is pure profit.

You can use B2C email marketing to send promotional offers about products related to what each of your customers has bought from you in the past.

You can also promote other people's products (e.g. affiliate products) and make a commission from each sale. Just be careful about the products you recommend. Your customers trust you and will buy the affiliate products based on your recommendation. So if they don't like them, it's your credibility that hurts.

Whether you're just starting to sell your product online or have been doing this for quite a while, I highly recommend that you start an email marketing campaign to profit from the lifetime value of your customers.

Learn how to increase your sales with your own customer follow up system.



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