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Autoresponders - Your Most Important Marketing Tool


Autoresponders let you build and maintain an email list. Traditionally, autoresponders were known as a method of sending emails from your email program while you are away from the computer.

An autoresponder allows you to collect and send emails to mailing lists. This is a very powerful way of retaining your website visitors and building a profitable relationship with them.

An autoresponder service makes it easy to set up a sequence of emails to send to your subscribers on a time scale that you specify. This can be used to deliver quality content, product promotions, courses or any other material that you deem relevant to the interests of your mailing list subscribers.

If your subscribers have signed up to receive free dog training tips in their in-box, then make sure you only send them topic content that has the same theme; or else, they will unsubscribe and might even consider your emails to be spam.

To retain your good reputation, you should be knowledgeable and willing to share your knowledge with list members. After all, that is what they have signed up for!

Purposes of Autoresponders

We will now take a look at some of the specific purposes of using autoresponders and how they can benefit your business.

1) To Deliver Newsletters

If you create newsletters regularly, then the best way to deliver them is via email. Autoresponder software makes this very easy as you only have to load up the newsletter content into a form and the software sends it to all your confirmed subscribers.

2) To Deliver Content/Articles

Many list owners simply deliver free, quality content and articles regularly. If your niche topic is geared towards information, then this is an ideal way to keep your list interested and gain their trust.

By providing totally free information without a catch, people will trust that you are there to help them (which you are of course!). They are then likely to buy from you if you suggest any products.

3) To Deliver E-Courses

E-courses are a great incentive for people to sign up to your list. Make sure the course relates to your website niche. For example, your E-course might be about teaching people to write articles, setting up a home aquarium, or building a compost heap. Whatever the topic, make your course exciting and deliver new chapters regularly.

4) To Make Special Offers to Customers

If you provide a service like web design or article writing, then you can use your mailing list to inform customers of specials and discounts.

The above methods of using autoresponders show just how versatile this method of marketing and customer relationship building really is. By building up a trusted relationship with your subscribers, you have considerably more chance of making sales when you promote products and services.

Rather than losing your visitors when they leave your website, entice them to sign up to your autoresponder by providing a free incentive like a short report. You can then use the power of autoresponders to stay in touch with them and maximize your chance for profits.

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