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6 Things You Can Do to Make Money With Your Autoresponder


There are a number of different types of autoresponders to choose from. You can either buy a script and have it installed on your website or you can pay for a monthly service.

While at first glance it might seem more attractive e to go with hosting your own autoresponder, the truth is that there are an enormous amount of maintenance issues involved and potential risks due to intense spam laws, so I strongly recommend going with one of the service providers out there, where for a minimal fee they will take care of everything for you.

While no aspect of internet marketing is truly simple, there are a number of proven was to make money with an autoresponder. Such as:

1. Send traffic to a squeeze page that has your email sign up or "opt-in" form on it.

2. When people sign up to your autoresponder series, have your autoresponder forward them to a one time offer.

3. Send pre-written messages to your subscriber list so that your subscribers can get more familiar with you and your product and ultimately you can win their trust.

4. Send promotions and special offers for your products to your subscriber lists.

5. Do joint ventures with other merchants within the same niche, either promoting their products for a percentage of the profits or in exchange for a promotion from them on behalf of your product.

6. Add sponsored ads to the top of your email messages, promoting products related to your niche.

These are just a few of the ways a person can make money with autoresponders. Nothing happens over night despite what all of those flashy headlines promise, but making money online with an autoresponder is very feasible and virtually risk free.

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