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Autoresponder Message Sample Ideas

Sending autoresponder messages is a powerful email marketing strategy.

Here are some autoresponder message sample ideas to help you write money-making email messages.

#1. Personalize Your Message

Personalized autoresponder messages are much more effective and have a higher conversion rate than other messages. That's because the reader feels you're talking directly to him, so he pays more attention.

The easiest way to personalize your messages is mentioning their name in your subject line and the body of your message. You can also start the most important sentences with their name to win their attention.

A good autoresponder service lets you keep at least 10 personalized data fields for each of your customers. Read this helpful article about customer follow up system strategies to find out more essential features the autoresponder you choose must have.

#2. Emphasize Benefits, Not Features

People are looking for benefits, not features. So you should explain what benefits your product provides. A feature is "what" your product provides, while a benefit explains how it "helps" people and makes their life easier.

If you explain how your product saves time, money, or energy, you're giving a benefit... and that's what makes your copy sell!

#3. Write a Killer Subject Line

People first read the subject of your message and only if it's interesting and makes them curious, they will open your message and read it. So it's very important that you write an effective subject line, or people won't open your message at all.

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